Thierry Goldberg Gallery, NY. No Light Without Shadows November 5-December 23

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Thierry Goldberg Gallery,  New York

No Light Without Shadows

November 5-December 23

3 person group show

Opening reception November 5th 6-8

Highlighting the innate tension between presence and absence, Shira Toren’s works echo memories of constructed landscapes. Toren develops the exterior of her works through alternating layers of venetian plaster, graphite powder and mineral pigments. Ebbing between additive and subtractive practices, Toren masks certain layers while peeling away others, lending to an asperous array of textures and pigments. The Exchange, 2022 exhibits a smooth graphite surface that has become inscribed with the dual actions of construction and deconstruction. Monochromatic tones play upon the work’s surface as manifestations of a fossilized series of serendipitous excavations. Emanating gradations of light, these subtle interjections teeter between bursts of energy and instances of stillness in their glimpse of what may lie beneath. Toren’s works are self-referential in that their ever changing dynamic structure consciously exposes foundational histories which can neither be easily erased nor forgotten. 

Ariel De Sal